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October 28, 2011

It is time for another round up of internet links and news I’ve been collecting during this week. Been catching up on my Google Reader so there is plenty of material.

For the first time ever, Sylvia Plath’s line drawings are shown at the Mayor Gallery. Don’t miss them if you are around London. Click on the link for some more!

Be positive!

The most darling animal teacups I’ve ever seen. No, really.

Domestic Sluttery has to be one of the best finds of the week. All sorts of content is to be found- recipes, travel reviews, anything, really!

This made me smile- Street style vs the Great Outdoors.

Swinging London in the 60’s: Carnaby Street in colour in 1968. The explosion of colour is just amazing.

A flickr group dedicated to lovely photos of ugly things.

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