Goodbye 2011!

December 31, 2011
2011 has been a year of new things and many changes. Life isn’t always easy but I am grateful for the good things and the experiences I have been given the opportunity of having. I have traveled a bit this year and I hope that 2012 brings me a lot more travels and new things to do and learn.
I started 2011 in my home country Portugal and went back once in the Summer. It is always nice to see friends and family, and Lisbon is great for taking photos, the light is amazing.
I went ice skating for the first time with my friend Ben. Terrifying but still fun!
Went to New York single and came back married. We eloped and got married in the City Hall, with Hello Kitty rings purchased in Chinatown, with my friend Stacey as a witness. One of the happiest days ever.
Went on a day trip to Manchester on my own and had a lot of fun. Took an insane amount of photos in one day.
Went sailing in the Mediterranean, around Sardinia.
Made new friends, saw beautiful sights, dolphins and turtles swimming in the sea.
I even learned how to helm a 30 tonne yacht and I did pretty well. It does require some concentration!
Added amazing shoes to my collection and decided to stop buying so many new clothes and to give to charity  the ones I don’t wear so much.
My husband moved to England so we could be together.
I started blogging again and it gives me great pleasure. It also gives me the chance to get to know interesting people.
Finally spent some time in London, after being in England for over a year and decided I would like to live there for a while before moving on to other pastures.
Finally visited the English seaside, coming from a country famous for it’s beaches, it was something I was very curious about. Even though Skegness is not the most glamorous place in the UK, it was still an interesting cultural experience.
Visited Newcastle and spent some time with my friend João, whom I hadn’t seen in years.
Went to Somerset and saw the Tor at Glastonbury, among other beautiful things. I should get a map and start pinning where I’ve been in the UK, I’ve been to a few places already.
Visited beautiful places around where I live and try to make the most of what is available (which is not much, as I live in a small town).
Decided to get out of my comfort zone and ride all the roller coasters in Alton Towers. I ended up having a load of fun! Good things happen when you take risks.
Took a First Aid course at work and started volunteering with a charity. When you don’t have much money to give, you can always give some of your time.
A huge thank you to all my friends who’ve given me lifts, taken me to places, helped move house, listened to me complain and made me laugh. Life wouldn’t be as interesting without all of you. A special thank you to Mr D, for making my life complete. I hope the next year brings a lot more experiences and fulfillment to me and everyone else. I’m so excited about all the changes ahead!

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    é um orgulho fazer parte da tua vida 🙂

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