On the Road

February 8, 2013

I’ve got Jack Kerouak’s classic on my to read list because I’ve never read it. Is it any good? I digress… The reason for this title is the next few photos. It’s always good to drive across a country and although this was a relatively short trip, we did see a different type of America we had seen the other days we went driving around. This road to Tampa seemed a lot poorer than any other place we have been to before. All the businesses seemed to be set up in dingy shacks and have all sorts of signs, a lot of the times hand painted. I tried to snap a few photos, because nevertheless, some of those did look interesting. Some didn’t come out all that well as I was taking them from the car, but here are some that I managed to salvage and that look interesting to me.

And we arrived to our destination, Ybor City in Tampa. I will show it in my next Florida post.

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