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November 7, 2014

Bloggers are equally loved and hated, by both bloggers and non-bloggers. Either because some people can be a little bit obnoxious, others condemn receiving free gifts and writing reviews… Whatever the reason is (there are plenty and really, no one is a dollar bill to be loved by everyone, right?), sometimes it can be a little bit embarrassing to say I am a blogger. Even makes me feel a little bit “dirty”. So I wanted to ask other bloggers:

Do you feel “dirty” when you tell people you are a blogger?

No, not at all. For the most part, I don’t really get asked if I’m a blogger or what my blog is like. Only my husband and daughters know, I feel no need to tell anyone else in my family. My sister knows, but thankfully all of them think it’s great. And have been supportive. But, I know there are people who look down on bloggers and think it’s not a ‘real’ job or needs much energy put into it. My husband realized this when he sat down with me as I was putting a post together & it took me hours instead of a ‘few minutes’ as he thought it would take.

A blog can essentially be like a webzine like place for not only one’s thoughts, but also a platform for sharing news and other important issues and opinions. So, I never feel ‘dirty’ so to speak when I say I’m a blogger, I think I only would if I was publishing information that wasn’t well informed or pointless. Or if I was one of those bloggers that were being pulled by strings just to be famous or well known. As long as I’m myself and other bloggers are themselves, then being a blogger should never been considered ‘dirty’. It’s just another form of expression, a creative way to reach people around the world that otherwise, you’d never come into contact with. I’m proud to be a blogger & also one that strives to be different and present exactly who she is!”

Kizzy, The Dainty Dolls House

“When I started blogging I didn’t tell anyone as it never crossed my mind. Eventually though my uni friends found my blog. Most of them were genuinely interested, although a few people were weird about it. It made me realise that something that seemed so positive to me could be seen as odd or even shallow by others. That upset me as I was so proud of what I had created.

Now all my friends and family know, and everyone is super lovely about it. They support me and are genuinely interested in it. Blogging isn’t dirty and I’m proud to tell everyone and anyone.”

Emma, Bloomzy

“For the most part, I don’t feel ‘dirty’ when I introduce myself as a blogger. However, having said, that I have had plenty people who have made me feel rather Christina Aguilera ‘Dirty’ when they have made comments to me about why I do my blogging- indicating that I write or give my opinion in exchange for freebies. Thank Goodness I get so much free soap, and cleansers; as what state would my conscience be in without it?

Blogs and blogging is perceived rather differently to how it is perceived in the US or abroad-where it can be a more serious form of media and hence, writers or editors of the blogs are paid for editorial content. Here, in the UK it is looked upon as more of a contra concept where goods or services are exchanged for posts. Perhaps this is why I come across some who gives me those dirty looks. Blogging here, also seems to be associated with students, and namely students with no jobs. Being a freelance Marketing & PR consultant for the last three years I saw the extraordinary value my blog has brought me in terms of business. I always like to describe my blog as ‘the little engine’. Doing free blog posts for the most part, has given little tasters to potential clients who have asked me to do copy writing, and other tasks for them over the last few years.

I never feel bad about blogging because of all the wonderful people I have met through my art of writing. I know that at the end of the day it is truly appreciated, and I’ve got more than 10,000 fans who support and encourage me in what I do. My blog is a special place where I can share my expertise to others in fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle issues. I would and have encouraged many others to start their own blogs in the time I’ve been doing mine, because who knows where will it lead you on your path? Like all paths though, as in every enchanted forest we’re sure to encounter a troll or two. So whenever someone tries to make a blogger feel dirty, we’ll refer them to a beauty contact of ours who make great soap! Trolls wash your mouths out, as bloggers are here to stay!”

Lili, Beauty and the Snob

“The short answer is no. I tell people that I’m a blogger when they ask me about my interests and my passions; the subject comes out naturally when I mention that I’m a food lover and a writer. Sometimes, they’re absolutely unimpressed, and we move on to talk about something else. Others put up an excited face and ask me for my URL; flattering at first, disheartening when I discover that they never spent a second on my blog, and were just faking enthusiasm. Other times, the most surprising, unlikely connections come up; hadn’t I mentioned that I have a food blog on my first day at my new workplace, I would never have found out that a colleague’s girlfriend is a food blogger too!

None of this makes me feel embarrassed in the least: if the things I write about (or the fact that anyone with an internet connection can read them) made me feel uncomfortable, I would simply avoid writing them online. As for the people who dislike bloggers…well, as they say, it takes all sorts. Some people despise salesmen; others hate bankers; that there may be someone, out there, who feels that bloggers are a sham doesn’t surprise me in the least. We’re all entitled to our own views; whatever others choose to think of what I do is their business, and theirs alone. While I respect everyone else’s opinion, I have no intention to lose my sleep over it. All I care about is doing what I love, having fun while I do it, and connecting with like-minded people with whom I can share my passion. That shouldn’t be something to feel ashamed of, right?”

Federica, Whatever Gets You Through The Day

If you are a blogger, what do you think? Do you feel dirty to tell people you are a blogger? What would make you feel dirty to be a blogger? I want to know!

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  • Reply modflowers November 9, 2014 at 11:27

    I do sort of feel a bit dirty about blogging. And I don’t get any freebies from it!

    I think it’s because for the most part, I keep my online business activities (modflowers is my craft business persona) and my personal life separate, so when the two collide – for example when I’m at a craft fair and someone comes up to me and tells me they follow my blog/facebook page/Pinterest boards/Instagram – it feels a bit weird!

    It’s not because I actively “put on an act” to be modflowers, rather than just being me, but there is a definite separation in my mind. That said, people who know me and know that I blog as modflowers have all been fine about it. I keep my partner and son out of the blog for the most part, as I don’t think it’s fair to intrude on their privacy for my own purposes, though they do make it into the occasional Instagram picture.

    Perhaps my discomfort is more that I write uninhibitedly about how I feel about things on my blog, whereas I’m probably more guarded about my enthusiasms in real life, as I assume nobody else shares them for the most part. So I’m showing a part of myself that people who know me might not always see. Which feels (even though I’m not writing about anything difficult, or embarrassing, or contentious) a bit split-personality.

  • Reply Señora Allnut November 9, 2014 at 22:09

    I feel a little bit embarrassed when I tell a strange that I get a blog. It’s something I’ve shared just with my family and friends, and always tried to keep it separated from my work (particularly). I don’t want to give any explanations, and I don’t want any people feel authorized to speak about me or my activities, just because they know about my blog.
    I’m quite asocial sometimes, even if I’m very sociable too!

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