11 tips to tame frizzy hair

January 28, 2015

Since the weather decided to go cold and wet, my hair tends to turn into a frizz ball (from now on to be referred to as The Frizz) that I desperately try to tame. I have put together a list of some of the affordable products I have tried so far, in my quest for long, healthy looking hair. (My hair is dyed frequently so keep this in mind as it means it needs extra TLC).

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1- Argan oil. I have used it with different degrees of success, depending on the product. I am still looking for the perfect Argan oil product that is affordable and easy to find in the UK. One thing to beware of is the actual percentage of oil used as most products will be a concoction of several different chemicals. It will generally leave your hair soft and silky looking, in my experience.

2-  Silicone serum. I picked up a cheap serum from a bargain store at £1 just to try and see if it worked. I liked the results. Some people don’t particularly like silicone serums on their hair but this girl’s experience is that when used sparingly on the ends, it will help them feel softer.

3- Jojoba oil. Some people swear by it but after sleeping a few times with it on my hair, the only result I achieved was getting oily stains on my pillow case. The Frizz loved it though, as it didn’t do anything to banish it back to whence it came from.

4- Egg and Olive Oil hair mask – Possibly the easiest hair mask ever as you can make it with products you will already have in your pantry. Simply whisk 2 eggs and 4 tablespoons of olive oil and apply to dry hair before washing. Leave on for 30 minutes or more and wash off with warm water. You can wash your hair normally afterwards. Some people will use both these ingredients separately but I love saving time!

5- Coconut oil – As it is also used as a carrier oil for other essential oils, it should be safe enough to use on your hair and scalp. It should be easy to find in supermarkets, health stores as well as online.

6- Leave on products – I usually pick up John Frieda’s Secret Agent Frizz-Ease and it’s not so bad, it smells nice and keeps the flyaways down. This is a product to use after you’ve washed and dried your hair, so you just take a bit of it and spread it on your hair with your fingers. the only con is that it makes me want to wash my hair more often.

7- Heat protection products – If you style your hair with anything that produces heat (blow dryer, curling or flat irons, etc), it is always recommended by hair stylists that you use some heat protection. The reason is the heat will dry and damage your hair, so the protection spray should help not only by locking in the moisture but also by creating a protective barrier on your hair strands. Avoid the Schwarzkopf heat spray as the plague!

8- Hair conditioners – I have tried a few, believe me. As I try to have straight hair as much as possible, I really like Tigi’s Bed Head Control Freak. It made a difference when the weather was warmer and I avoided using the blow drier as my hair wouldn’t get its natural kinks as much. The large bottles might not be the cheapest thing in the market but sometimes I find them at bargain stores and it lasts for months. Just don’t forget not to put it directly on your scalp as it will make your hair look greasy.

9- Moisturizing shampoos – Some shampoos can really be good to the The Frizz as they will dry your hair and strip it of its natural oils. I have tried Aussie’s Miracle Moist shampoo (and conditioner) and it not only smells delish but also leaves your hair feeling silky.

10-  Dryer sheets – A tip learned from Leandra Medine of Man Repeller fame  , their anti-static qualities will not only work for your polyester in the dryer but will also tame The Frizz. Just comb through your strands while holding a sheet in your hand and it will go away. Who knew?

11- Keratin based products – Keratin is the key structural material that makes up human hair. I have used keratin based shampoos and hair masks and did notice a good improvement in the overall status of my strands.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures taming The Frizz. I suppose that the success was achieved by combining all of these together, not just one item. Do you have any other tips or ideas to contribute?

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