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Art – Satanic Flea Market – Xmas Edition

December 13, 2016

Recently I participated in my first market ever, with my artwork. I recently started spending more time creating art as a therapy and found that I was starting to run out of room for all the pieces. As I had good feedback from friends and Instagram followers, I applied to participate in the Satanic Flea Market back in October. I was very happy to find that I ended up being accepted and would have a small stall at the Xmas market.

I had a great time – friends came over to visit, chatted with a few people, had great feedback on my pieces and met some incredible artists. And of course, sold a couple of pieces.

I didn’t take my camera with me as I had enough materials to carry but I took a few pictures with my phone. Not the best but it’s good enough to have an idea and celebrate my very first market!

Hello The Mushroom Art

As you can see, I had a few reworked pages on display. Sometimes people think these are digitally made but they are handpainted using Posca markers. I am planning on eventually making prints, though. Also, the frames have been hand glittered by me. I found it to be quite a soothing activity.

Hello The Mushroom Art

A picture of my first customer and the piece she bought. It was actually one of my favourite items. Also, some pictures of a few people who stopped by my table. I learned afterwards that the girl with pink hair is actually Girli, a British pop artist. She was super nice and put my sticker on her skateboard straight away. The bottom right photo is the world’s youngest Psychic TV fan – a 7 year old cutie who was wearing one of the best battle jackets I saw on the day.

Hello The Mushroom Art

I was also very lucky and some of my pieces caught the eye of a few Instagram followers, who were kind enough to buy the pieces pictured above. They all went to the US, so there is a little bit of me on the other side of the ocean now!

I really enjoyed the experience, even though I didn’t sell too much. I have learned that in this sort of market it is also good to have a few cheaper items such as patches and badges as a lot of people look for inexpensive items to give away as gifts. I had a lot of fun and this was the most important result I needed.


London, Style

Style – I got my hair did at Luke Jacob

September 28, 2016

A few weeks back I met Luke at a friend’s birthday party, who upon finding out that I’m such a great blogger (I’m joking!) invited me over to try his salon, Luke Jacob. I’m not one to say no to these things and after hearing good recommendations from my friend who usually goes there, I arranged a day and time to get my hair a much needed fix.


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Food – Get me to the Greek

May 16, 2016

If you live around Broadway Market in East London or visit it occasionally, it is likely that you will have stumbled upon this gem set on a side street, off the main road. I’m talking about Isle of Olive, a Greek deli and supermarket where you can eat what to me are probably the best stuffed vine leaves in London. (I’m sallivating just thinking about them, seriously…)


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Style – Joy to the world

March 23, 2016

Recently I headed down to South London and had a great time taking photos of my friend Ross (will share these when they can go public) and exploring an area of town that I’d never visited before. These skate parks are great to be used as backdrops for photo shoots and it was amusing that we weren’t the only ones who had the same idea. Regardless, there was enough room for everyone and even managed to snap a few photos of a couple of random girls, who asked us to take their photo. I obviously had to step in and take one with my camera.







What else is new? Not much, except for the fact that I’ve gone back to work full time and things are slowly going back to normal. I’ve been busy with creative projects as much as possible, focusing on the things that I love doing. I also wrote and illustrated something about social media for bloggers for Talented Talkers and a piece on illustrated Vogue covers for the new online magazine for bloggers Bloggeration (of which I am now art editor, yay!).



Seems like we caught Robbo working on his piece of art!


There will be more exciting things to share but all in due time… For now, just enjoy the street art and I hope you like my new Spring dress (I can’t get over how cute the hearts on the collar are).

PicMonkey Collage



Outfit details: Beret – American Apparel; Dress – c/o Joy; Shoes – Repetto; Jacket – Morrissey merchandising.





this was a really nice day out and I loved doing photos at this place. What other spots would you recommend in London for photo shoots that I should try?

PS: A big thank you to Ross for snapping my photos and finding this amazing place!

art, London

Art – Vogue 100 – A Century of Style Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

March 21, 2016
David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger and Maudie James

Recently I went down to the National Portrait Gallery to see one of their current exhibitions: Vogue 100 – a Century of Style. Having attended the event for the launch of the collection of pieces and designers that would be available at the exclusive shop at the museum, it was only natural that I should see the actual exhibition. So I did. This post doesn’t intend to be an exhaustive catalogue of all the photographers and pieces present at the exhibition but rather a very personal view of it. Many important artists will go unmentioned in the next following lines but I stuck to my personal favourites, which I hope you will enjoy.

As the title of the exhibition implies, this has been organised by the NPG in collaboration with British Vogue, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication. Expertly curated by Robin Muir who is a Contributing Editor to British Vogue, taking us on a visual trip down the majority of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

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