Guest post – Places That You Must Visit While Travelling to Asia.

June 29, 2019
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Asia is the biggest and most populous continent of this planet and home to around 4.4 billion people. It covers a third of the world’s land area.  Asia has the oldest civilization with most crowded cities, highest peaks and tallest buildings.

And believe me, guys visiting Asia will make you surprise the way it makes me. Like I was very much allured by the Asian culture and place. So, the time when I got chance I gather my stuff, pack my bag, made my Air Canada booking and head towards Asia to explore, experience new cultures and develop myself in the way I never expected. 

“Sharing is caring” this is what I believe in. Here for your head start, I bring you places. By visiting these places in Asia, you’ll experience different cultures and terrains that’ll leave you speechless. So here are the places that you must visit:


  • Bali, Indonesia


There’s nothing better than a great destination like Bali as you never get bored! Bali has plenty of options, from the best and cheapest of Indonesian beaches, the perfect beachfront location, the highest mountain with clear seawalls, a spectacular view every hour, the great natural beauty, the fabulous culture.

Bali offers a nice variety of activities to keep you busy and to stay in your element. The best activities are beach clubs, and the best beaches are among the first ones that you find an exciting location. 

I remember this feeling and that I had while spending my days in Bali. The beauty of Bali is simply breathtaking. The sea is just beautiful, and the island is very picturesque and easy to find places to spend a day.


  • Tokyo, Japan


One of the reasons the visitors who visit Japan always drawn to Tokyo is the sheer abundance of Japanese culture. There’s much to do around Tokyo, shopping and attractions. 

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With its magnificent scenery, unique architecture and friendly locals, people always bring back memories of the fun life overseas. But there are a few things you must know about Tokyo before you travel.

You should know that most of the things you will find in Tokyo seem simple, but they are quite extraordinary. You will always find shops selling high-quality clothes for all seasons, as well as an endless variety of new souvenirs from around Japan and around the world.


  • Jakarta, Indonesia


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Jakarta is home to millions of people from across the globe. Here, you can see and experience a mixture of cultures, languages, wealth, and poverty. 

Enjoy the best nightlife in Asia but by collaborating with the horrible traffic. Enjoy the weekly “car-free” day in the heart of Jakarta near the Hotel Indonesia. 


  • Phuket, Thailand 


Phuket attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world, with many taking the easy way out with a flight from Singapore or Kota Kinabalu and flying directly to Pangasinan. 


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With great scenic views of Chiang Mai and the surrounding mountains, Phuket is the perfect place to soak up the stunning scenery with a full bar and great dining areas. 

The city’s main beaches and islands are also popular places to go after the heat of the day. Some of the most popular spots in Phuket are the famous temples in Chiang Mai, the popular beaches in Phuket, Phuket Valley’s traditional towns and Phuket’s beautiful beaches, including the famed Phuket’s famed islands. 

Most Phuket locals can be trusted to offer up a delicious and authentic lunch and a hearty dinner when needed, as there are plenty of places nearby where you’ll be able to dine.

Finally, to end up with that perfect place to go for a nightcap in all aspects of the city, you can visit the stunning floating tourist hotel, named after King Sumatra of Thailand.


  • Goa, India


Goa, a state situated on the western coast of India which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Goa is one of the places which is known for its spectacular beaches. If you are travelling to Asia, then I recommend you to visit Goa and spend some time exploring its beautiful beaches. 

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For a start, you can visit the most popular Candolim beach, where a lot of travellers visit to soak up the sun. 

If you are looking for less crowded beaches than Anjuna beach is the right place for you in Goa. Also, you head towards the Chapora Fort from where you can enjoy the view of sandy coastline. 

Further, you can’t miss the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Palolem. Most beautiful because of its natural bay covered by a lofty headland on both sides. Moreover, Goa is also loved by adventurers, as there are various recreational activities and plentiful sports to fun in the sun.


  • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


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Kota Kinabalu is one of the places on the Northern side of the Island of Borneo. It works like a gateway for the tourists came to visit the Mount Kinabalu, Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park, and the Padas river for the white water rafting.  

Enjoy shopping in big shopping malls and appreciate the panoramic views from Signal Hill Lookout point, or visit the Floating Mosque.


  • Ladakh, India


If you are in love with mountains, then Indian destination Ladakh is one of the mountain destinations that you should visit once. I’m saying this because you can experience breathtaking pristine scenery in Ladakh. 


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It is a large region, but its population density and number of nomadic residents is low. Also, most travellers enjoy spending time in nearby town Leh.

Another reason to visit Ladakh is that the town is located at a very high elevation. So you can imagine the time you spend there will be left you with an amazing experience. Also, it is the home of the 17th century King of Ladakh.

Moreover, you can also explore various temples and monasteries in the old town. All in all, it is a place one should visit once in their lifetime.


  • Beijing, China


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Beijing, the sprawling capital of China, has around 21.7 million population. The urban area of Beijing covers up to 500 square miles, with stretching back history 3000 years. 

Enjoy the loveliness of ancient and modern architecture such as Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City complex ( above the imperial palace). Visit the Great Wall of China and the National Museum of China, has an amazing collection of ethnic relies. 

At last 

I wish you to have the same experience, the way I had. But before you start your journey, I prefer you to set a plan or decide places in advance that you visit. And for understanding it properly, you can through this blog “Tips to Make the Most of Your Trips.” You’ll learn tips that you should do before and during your travel. 

A little advice, get the required amount of money in cash before you start your journey or after landing on an airport. Because it’ll be difficult for you to find the money exchange centre or ATM which is compatible with your card.



Guest post – 10 Curly Hair Tips for Holiday Travelling

June 16, 2019
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If you have curly hair you certainly know that caring for it is no easy task and it can get even complicated when you are on travel. Travelling for holiday comes with a number of challenges to ladies with curly hair. This means that if you have curly hair you must adhere to some tips and tricks that will help you care for your curly hair and ensure that you don’t damage them while away on holiday.

In this article, we highlight for you some 10 curly hair tips for holiday travelling that should help you:

1. Find the right products for curly hair while abroad

One of the major worries for ladies with curly hair is the products used to maintain that kind of hair. Perhaps if your duration of travel is going to be short, maybe a week or two, it can be easy for you to come along with your curly hair products from home to your destination. However, if your travel is going to last for many months you will need to find an alternative source for the products you use on your curly hair when at home.

2. Find the right kind of shampoo while away

As you pack to leave for your holiday away ensure that you are carrying enough stock of your curly hair shampoo. You definitely don’t want to get there in a foreign country and fail to get your usual shampoo from the shops. Trying to clean your curly hair with a different kind of shampoo can cause problems on your hair. If you like, you could first check from online stores in that destination that you wish to travel to if your usual hair shampoo exists in shops there. Only then can you can be sure that you will get it when you finally get there.

curly hair 03 gif

3. Make efforts to find the right conditioner while abroad

Sometimes getting the right conditioner that’s ideal for your curly hair while in a foreign country may be hard. You should, however, be able to find one that is almost similar to that which you use while at home. Like for instance in Asian countries finding curly hair conditioning products can be quite of a hassle. For this, it makes sense for you to carry with you enough supplies of your curly hair conditioners when you are planning to visit Asian countries.

4. Carry with you your own silk pillowcase

Carrying your own pillowcase will not only make your rest comfortable but it also goes a long way in ensuring that friction is reduced while you sleep. Curly hair is known to easily get damaged when it is exposed to friction on rough pillowcases that you may find in a number of hotel rooms.

5. Carry a diffuser with you

You should carry with you a diffuser but just ensure that it is travel-friendly and small enough to easily fit into your bag without taking much space there. Carrying a diffuser with you when on travel comes in handy when you wash your curly hair and need to dry it quickly.

curly hair 02 gif

6. Always carry a scarf
As you move around during your travel ensure that you wrap your curly hair with a scarf. This will help to keep your curls less frizzy and also more moisturized. Just ensure that the scarf you use is colourful to help give you that great overall look that’s appealing to everyone who sees you!

7. Carry essential oil for hair conditioning

There are a number of essential oils for hair care and conditioning that you could carry for your curly hair. You can carry with you coconut oil as it a general purpose oil that you will use to help condition your curly hair as well as your body moisturizer. Just ensure that you are keeping this in a safe pack such as a Ziploc bag so that if in case it leaks, it won’t ruin other things in the bag.

curly hair 04

8. If you are going to holiday more at the beach-side look out for the dryness of your hair

If your holiday is going to be more centred on the beach and swimming activities just ensure that you do heavy conditioning to your curly hair to prevent dryness.

9. After swimming rinse your hair

Just after swimming it is advisable to rinse your hair with clean water before you return home as this will help to rinse off both chlorine and salt water from your curly hair. Leaving chlorine or saltwater on your curly hair makes it get too dry and will easily break.

10. Just ensure you style your hair securely before you set out for your holiday journey

Doing this certainly prevents any chance of your curly hair getting entangled something that is known to easily damage curly type of hair.


Travel – Hiking in Nittedal, Norway

May 29, 2019

Lately, I have been feeling a bit tired… of social media, of the constant pressure to produce new artwork, making rent etc. As certain things cannot be helped – like paying the rent, for example – I’ve taken a step back on artwork and eased up on social media. This has been great as I have been dedicating myself to other creative projects that have been on hold plus spending more time tidying the space around me… Which is also important in order to restore the balance.

That said, I find that nothing is better to feel better in yourself and in your mind than travelling and spending some time in nature… and that’s exactly what I did the last time I visited Norway to see my boyfriend’s family!



We went on a hike on the mountain around Nittedal, which is fairly close to Oslo. As you can see, the views were glorious… but then all of Norway seems to have been designed to be perfect and beautiful looking!

e followed some of the easier trails, as I haven’t been on a hike for years… It’s something I used to enjoy a lot and I am glad that I will be doing more of, when I spend time in Norway, particularly.


One thing that I can’t help doing anywhere I go is taking pictures. I am far from being a nature photographer but I have to say that I really enjoyed this. This time I only used my phone but I am hoping that I can bring my DSLR the next time I fly in for a visit.

I can’t complain too much about lack of greenery in London, as it’s one of the cities that has the most trees, but somehow, being in the middle of nature, in the middle of nowhere can’t be beaten by all the London parks… I think that not being around millions of people has quite the calming effect!


Another thing that I realised is that if we continue going on hikes like this often, I will definitely need some appropriate clothing. We picked up a pair of snazzy purple hiking books this time as it was the most important thing… I haven’t had a pair of proper hiking boots for years… but I guess that I will slowly have to build a hiking wardrobe as my city clothes aren’t at all fit for this purpose!


We walked up to the little mountain shelter, this was built back in the 1960s and it’s for communal use… and people are respectful and keep it tidy, as well as leave coffee and other things behind for others to enjoy. How nice!


I had fun checking out all the little details, such as the wooden fish or the old pots and pans hanging in the shelter.


Besides flowers and bees, we didn’t get to see much wildlife but we did spot a bunch of moose droppings, so we know they’ve been around. They’re usually very shy animals and keep away… and that you have to be careful not to annoy as they can get angry and dangerous.


It’s a shame that the photos don’t really convey how beautiful the sunlight looked, coming through the trees… img_0389.jpg

This is the kind of thing you only see in an actual forest and it’s beautiful… The colours and the shapes are definitely inspiring and very stimulating to the imagination.


There is a little lake at the bottom and that’s where we got the water to make tea and coffee… a change from getting it from a tap haha.


So here we are, at the end of a glorious yet tiresome day. It was all worth it, though and I would love to do it all over again!





Art – Brexit?

February 15, 2019

Where to start on a subject such as this? I wouldn’t want to pretend to be an expert in the political and economical ins and out of the whole thing but I have to say that I am against Brexit. I say this not only as a European citizen living in this country which I have called home for nearly 9 years and where I have built a life and an art career for myself… but also as someone who has grown to love this country and the people in it. I believe that this is a big mistake and mostly because of greedy politicians who are looking for their next meal… rather than look after the good of the people who have elected them.


I know this is a very divisive subject, even within families and that there are many emotions involved but somehow the majority of the arguments for it don’t make much sense to me… particularly when you start hearing that due to this whole mess there is going to be a shortage of food, medicine etc. I’m starting to think that we should start buying gold and silver such as from Golden Eagle Coins, as the pound is also due to lose (even more) value. Or even start stockpiling tinned foods for us and our pets, as I have heard being suggested in the media. Great!



As I feel fairly strongly about the issue, it was with a lot of happiness that I have agreed to participate in the Brexit Art Machine project, from the makers of Artobotic. I created original mini art pieces that will go in a vending machine, which will hopefully get to tour the country. Even if you don’t see it or get to purchase one of the art pieces from myself or the other participating artists, you can at least see them now! These are tiny painted collages, no bigger than the palm of your hand, so they could be fit in the vending machine.

I am not allowed to vote… but I am allowed to make political art… for the time being, at least. Who knows what the grim future brings?





Style – 90’s and personal style revival

January 11, 2019

I haven’t been blogging for a while as you might have noticed. I rarely post things on my blog these days but one of the things that I used to blog about and you may remember was personal style late.

Dress 08

In the last couple of years ago, my personal style has changed a lot, for a variety of reasons. One of them was that I became ill- I had cancer and that changed my ability to sometimes have the energy to spend on figuring out what to wear, so clothes became an afterthought a lot more than they used to be.

dress 07

Also because of my illness, I stopped being employed full-time so I stopped having enough money to spend on updating my wardrobe as I used to. On top of this, there’s the fact that in the last year or so I have put on a lot of weight due to you now getting old, the medication that I’m on etc… That meant that a lot of my clothes stopped fitting and it took me a little while to get used to my new size and shape. What was something that used to be easy (shopping for clothes online or even in the shops) became a harder task. I didn’t need to try more sizes on and figure out what was now fitting for my shape and size and it took a while to get there.

dress 06

I have recently discovered that I am now able to pick clothes that are fun and fit me and don’t make me look like I’m trying to break out of them like the Hulk. Liking wearing clothes was something that I missed.. one of the turning points that made me realise that I needed to find joy in the way I get dressed again was after visiting the exhibition about Frida Kahlo’s clothes and style. This has been on for a few months and it’s been very successful at the V&A and Museum.

dress 05

One of the things that I remember it from the exhibition was a quote on how important it was for her to have a mirror and for her to see herself. That made me realise that not having a mirror currently because my current room due to lack of space is also hindering me from expressing myself with the way I dress. At this point, I still don’t have a mirror but I’ve decided that I needed to get colourful again have fun with my clothes.

dress 03

There aren’t that many reasons to be happy these days, with my health and constant tiredness always getting in the way of things… But I decided that I did not want to be boring or feel boring and that I would like to carry on feeling like myself when I get dressed rather than just having whatever is easy.


I’ve always liked a style challenge and to pick up and mix some unlikely pieces and somehow make them fit together. I picked this dress from a selection of evening dresses from as I thought it would be something that could be worn also to events such as weddings but it can also be dressed down. I liked the colour, which I knew would go well with my hair colour and for a bit of fun and seeing that it’s a strappy velvet dress, it would fit a 90’s theme. Should be noted that I didn’t have a full-length mirror so it was a bit of a surprise to see the photos haha. I think it worked out OK. I might have to restyle it again at some point but I liked what I did for now. I also thought it was a fun opportunity to style one of my t-shirts into a look here on the blog! The reason was that although they had evening dresses with sleeves and it’s a bit too cold to go out in straps, this was definitely the dress that best suited my style and that I see myself wearing again.

dress 02

I also looked at 90’s makeup – which I really dislike, let’s be honest – but I made something I do like inspired by it – the dark chocolate lip being the main reference. I also checked out hairstyles and decided to try this one – I’ve never been big on spending too much time on my hair – but I really liked it and I’ve worn it again since!

dress 04

So without further ado, here are the outfit details: Earrings – Ali Express / Dress – Ever Pretty / Knitted jacket – Vintage, bought from a shop in Hamburg 3 years ago / T-shirt – Hello the Mushroom (my own design) / Boots – Dr Martens.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together. Thanks to Zabou for nipping out with me in the cold to take these photos!

How has your style evolved in the last few years?