Literary speed dating – yes, you read that right!

March 30, 2015

I got an email from Original Dating with a different speed dating proposal: literary speed dating. As I’m interested in trying different things (I’m now on my way to become a speed dating expert, it seems haha) I thought I’d participate. At least this time the likelihood of meeting someone I might have something in common with is higher, as at least all the people there all will like to read. I was hoping for a lot of geeks I could have some interesting convos with and for sure my librarian style glasses won’t go amiss.

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If you care for somebody become a #SkinChecker- La Roche-Posay

March 27, 2015

Last week I was invited to come and see the launch of a very special campaign by La Roche-Posay, in the battle against skin cancer. Skin cancer is a silent killer but if caught early is highly treatable. This is the premise behind the new campaign by La Roche-Posay, that if each and everyone of us becomes someone else’s skin checker, we can all help reduce mortality. There were dalmatians, manicures, instagram photos, cocktails and a lot more happening!

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What is the future of your skin? Dermalogica will tell you.

March 25, 2015

Getting older means taking extra care of your skin but sometimes it is hard to know if you’re doing it right, isn’t it? Last week I was invited to a very special event at Dermalogica, where I learned a lot! Curious? You should be, I learned some very interesting things about my skin and my future!

The event was organised by occasion of a few new products that Dermalogica just launched that promise to brighten up the future of our faces!

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Lifestyle, London

Teenage Bedrooms

March 16, 2015

Do you remember what your room looked like when you were a teenager? Mine was covered in posters, mostly heavy metal bands and other alternative crap. I had a lot of books and always had a bit of a thing for collecting knickknacks. As I was going through the Teenage Bedrooms On Screen Tumblr, it got me thinking how my life seems to have devolved. After leaving the ‘rents in my early 20’s to live with my then boyfriend (we had been together for many years, almost 8 in total) and then moving on eventually to my own apartment, my current situation feels like a devolution.

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