Beauty – DHC at Roka, London

February 10, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I made my way after work to Roka on Charlotte Street for a very special event – the launch of a new range of products by one of my favourite beauty brands, DHC.

I arrived as the event was already in full swing. I met up with my friend Lili from Beauty and the Snob and had the opportunity to catch up with Abigail and Julia from Freedom PR, as I hadn’t seen them in ages! (Hi ladies! *waves virtually*)


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Style – Mushrooms in the Forest

January 31, 2016

Just a quick post to share some photos that were taken on my last trip to Germany – as we had planned to go for a walk in the forest, it was only natural that I’d be wearing the super cute Mod Dolly mushroom shirt on that day.


I just love the pattern and given the name of the blog, it’s totally on brand!



I was a chilly day but I stripped and did a few jumps, to make the photos a bit more fun. I had to rush and put my coat back on afterwards, though, haha. It was lucky that at least the beret was super warm and cuddly – 100% lambswool – and that really does make a difference.


What I wore: Beret – c/o Snoodydo; Shirt and Dungarees – c/o Mod Dolly; Sneakers – Adidas Gazelle


Have a great week!


My Cancer Story, So Far.

January 27, 2016

Today I thought I should write about something that a few people might already know about me. Late September last year, I had a routine check at the doctor’s and had some of the worst news one can be told about their health: I had breast cancer.

Let me just say straight away that it hasn’t been easy. It’s never easy to be told that you have something going on inside your body that might slowly kill you. Puts everything into perspective in your life. Some three months down the line, it’s still a difficult concept to handle and I have emotional crisis occasionally. Who wouldn’t?

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Interview – Cassy Fry, writer, poet and blogger extraordinaire.

January 23, 2016
Cassy Fry Jan 2016 Photo by Peter Fry Photography (2)

It’s been a while since I last published an interview on here. I met Cassy Fry a while ago, first online (that’s bloggers for you) and then in person at a fun London Blogcademy reunion. I’ve always loved her blog and it was amazing when I found out that she was actually taking steps towards becoming a full-time writer. Now that is inspirational!

I believe her work is very creative and a lot of fun – and having read 50 Shaded Poems, I decided that I had to find out more about the artist behind it and the process. I’m sure you’ll find our email conversation as interesting and inspiring as I did.

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The Joy of Personalising your Objects

January 20, 2016

How do you like my new phone cover? I’m absolutely in love with it. Not because it’s covered in cats (which is always great) or just because I drew those (which for me, is even better). The reason I love it is because how receiving it in the post made me feel.

For those who don’t know, I used to dabble in illustration, I even published a few pieces in a few magazines in Portugal, almost 20 years ago. I also worked as a colourist both in animation and comics and then work dried out and I was forced to get a “real job”. that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss those days and every time I visit an exhibition or a festival or something, it still makes me feel sad that I haven’t been able to pursue a career in art/illustration.


I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I could start a small business on the side, selling a few of my wares and drawings but somehow I never feel like they are good enough. It might be all in my head, because when I was offered a personalised case from Casetify and I showed the mockup around, I had some really good feedback. Now that I’ve received it in the post, it makes me love it even more, because I can really see my drawings looking good printed and it’s an incentive to actually do more of this. It might be a while, because after all, I have a full-time job and there are a lot of things that need to be handled in the meantime, but for now I will say, “watch this space”.


I have received the personalised case courtesy of Casetify, for my Samsung Galaxy S6 and it was delivered in a good quality protective box. The website interface is easy to navigate and I managed to select and apply my design very quickly and easily. The service isn’t too fast but it’s worth it, to wait for a good quality case that nobody else will have!