Cat people are nice people

One of these evenings, on FB chat:

Undisclosed friend - Last night I met a girl who doesn't like cats, I think I'm in love.

Me - Who's that. (checks profile) She seems nice, although she can't be if she doesn't like cats.

Everyone knows I am a cat fiend (even though lately I've been warming up to dogs quite a lot too) and I'm frequently made fun of because of this. If you've been following this blog or my Instagram feed, you'll know the cat related items that I have in my closet are just silly... So yeah, I admit it. I'm a crazy cat lady and pretty sure I'll be one of those desperate cases when I'm older - living with a gazillion cats, discovered half eaten by them after a few weeks after passing away. Great image, I know. I think I may be reading too many gruesome sections of the newspaper... (Hey, it could be worse! Could be reading the horoscope or something!) So, how do you recognise a crazy cat lady?

- Her clothes will always have some sort of car fur residue.

- Pulls out her phone to show pictures of her babies at any chance.

- Refers to her cats as her babies. Even if she has real ones.

- Is frequently seen carrying bags of cat litter or cat food around town.

- Her house is filled with cat related items - super kitschy ones at that too.

- Has several cat themed outfit items in her closet.

- Will stop at any shop that has cat related items in the window to at least have a good look, even if they're of extremely bad taste (I have excellent bad taste, by the way).

I may be or may have been guilty of some of these, as I am not able to have any pets at the moment. Which is a shame, but maybe one day I'll have a cat again! Anyways, why do I like cats so much? What is it about them that makes so many of us go total cat crazy? Some have put forward the theory that it has something to do with some weird parasite that takes control of our brains. "Alien" does spring to mind. Super scary shit!

I like to think that it's because cats are beautiful animals, and unlike some people think (who clearly never had a close cat friend in their lives), extremely devoted to their human friends. No wonder people who live on their own choose them as pets so much - they are independent yet great fun to play with. They are cuddly, like a bit of petting and love curling up close to you when you're at home, without being too demanding (in most cases). Also great animals to help you reduce your stress levels. Oh, and they are sooo beautiful... did I mention that before? Ooops... Must be the cat craziness parasite affecting my brain.

Despite what others who are not so cat infatuated might think, we are lovely people (and highly dateable it would appear, even if it's told by cats). We are loving and very lovable yet independent, just like our feline friends, and I can't think of any reason why I should be embarrassed of being a crazy cat lady.

How about you? Are you a crazy cat lady? If you are, why do you love cats so much? Chime in on the comments section!

PS: Illustration by me!

Ask a…Photographer


I'm inaugurating a new feature - "Ask a..." anything you like. This time we are asking photographers about what some perceive as an annoying question. The idea is to ask pertinent questions and have someone with a particular occupation answer as honestly as they can. If it's controversial, even better. We all need a bit of controversy every now and then, no? If you have any pertinent question you'd like to see answered by anyone, drop me a line in the comments, I'll get it answered for you!

Do you hate it when people ask you for camera recommendations?

Yes. Mostly because they don't tell you what they want to use it for. Or, they say "which camera will let me take the best pictures?" Or you see people running around with digital SLR's all set on auto. What a waste of money.

Jesse Dart 

What annoys me is the assumption behind that question. Because there are still a lot of people out there thinking that it’s the camera that makes the photo. As for the question itself, there are hundreds of new cameras coming out every year and I’m no gear geek, so it’s usually hard for me to answer to such a question.

Goncalo Catarino

It doesn't annoy me, at all, when people are interested in photography or have a problem to solve. We can talk it over and I can give them my two cents. It doesn't bother me when they're just trying to be pleasant and make conversation. I now get that. It does annoy me when "What camera should I get?" is immediately followed up by comments like "What's the point? it will be obsolete in six months." Or "But don't real photographers use film, anyway?" (So why did you ask?) Or, "It's the photographer not the camera." (Indeed) Or they begin to regurgitate reviews and test reports. (IOTW, they have a camera porn habit.) I tend to agree with everything they say, it's less work. One day, if I'm in a lousy mood, I'll ask to see some photos.

Marius Shanzer

DHC lippy and anti-wrinkle patches



I've been asked to trial two more DHC products and as always, the quality is not disappointing.

First product I received was the Velvety Red Premium lipstick GE. I have to say I expected it to be a bit more red, as I like bright red lipstick but the quality completely compensated the colour being a bit blander than I would normally wear. It's no exaggeration when it says on their website that it has 'revitalising ingredients' - it has to be the smoothest lipstick I've ever used! My lips felt hydrated and smooth all the time, something doesn't always happen, even with some more expensive products. Nothing worse than having cracked lips caked with lipstick... I would also note the quality of the packaging - as you can see, the metallic case is is decorated and has a somewhat more luxurious feel than a regular plastic case would have. Not bad for a product in this price range. I just checked the and it's also on sale, so you get an absolute bargain, as it's great value for the money.


The second product is less exciting in terms of looks but not in terms of effectiveness. I'm talking about the Revitalizing Moisture Strips, designed to be applied around your mouth area, to help fight dryness that causes those pesky lines and wrinkles. The strips are made of polymer gel and are infused with antioxidant-rich olive leaf extract, brightening alpha-arbutin and mulberry. Check the link for a full list of ingredients. I've been using them every now and then over the last few weeks and they feel extremely comfortable on, and very fresh. Apply after your cleansing regime and you'll see how pleasant it feels. Now that I am becoming a lady of a certain age, these things come in very handy!

Have you tried any of these products before?

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