I’m very good at having fun






I have been made to have fun. I'm very good at it. I'm so good, I should get paid to do it. Every little thing is a good excuse for a laugh or something silly. Hotel rooms are no exception. They exist with the sole purpose of having people like me have fun in them. And this is what I did, I had all the fun I could have, jumping all over the furniture. I swear I didn't break anything though, that wouldn't be fun now, would it?

Outfit details: Dress - C/o of Just for 5 Pounds, Belt - H&M

Rise Above





I've been super busy lately, my family was visiting last week and we had a great time. I visited a couple of exhibitions that I'll have to write about soon as well. My little sister Ines took the outfit photos - isn't this the best top ever? It was a present from the lovely Rowena. Thank you, I owe you something equally as fabulous! For those not familiar, it's a visual pun on the punk/hardcore band Black Flag's logo.

Outfit details: Jacket - Next (via Ebay), Headscarf - Lisbon flea market, a lifetime ago, Skirt - Primark, Purple Heart Brooch - H&M, Bobby Socks - Primark, Pompom Sandals - Kt something whatever, Satchel Bag - Second hand, Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

#First International Football Tournament – Vodafone



Last week I attended an event at the Arsenal football stadium. I can hear some of you who know me well say "Whaaat? What were YOU doing in a football stadium?". I can assure you that it was for a good cause! I am not a huge fan of football but the whole idea behind the Vodafone #First campaign is to make people's dreams come true, so I guess that was worth it. You may have seen the viral video of the old ladies that had never flown before, and this time, they brought a team of young lads from Ghana to play with a team in London. How cool is that?

"Work hard and remember where you're from"

Those were the words Sani, the football coach said to the boys as they started their journey to the UK. Those are wise words and good advice to anyone, I would say.

I am sometimes a bit cynical when it comes to advertising but, in this case I think Vodafone did a nice thing. Much better to help a few people achieve their dreams and try something for the first time they wouldn't otherwise be able to do, than pay a bunch of celebrities to feature in their campaigns. Seeing the happy smiles on the boys' faces was certainly worth it and it's the kind of thing that makes you feel happy just for watching.

I had a lovely time with other bloggers and the ladies from Tribal Media. thank you so much for the opportunity to see this first hand!

Watch the trailer here:

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