June Beauty Roundup

July 27, 2015

That time of the month has finally arrived, and I don’t mean THAT time of the month. I mean the time to share and talk about the beauty products I have tried and added to my beauty regime this month.

Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara (*) – Definitely one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. The wand is shaped like a a cone (it looks like a tiny Christmas tree) and is perfect for applying the product from the inner to the outer lashes effectively. The mascara product is quite liquid but thick at the same time and a single application is generous enough to make your eyelashes pop out like you’ve put on some fakes. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to try a new type of mascara.

Nail polish additions – I can’t resist a nail polish bottle. It’s a real problem for me, I admit it. We have been through this before but in case you missed it last month, here is a photo of the extension of my problem. These cute Nails Inc bottles have been the latest additions to my collection and I found them in TK Maxx. TK Maxx is great for a bargain and the beauty products on offer are no exception.

ARTDECO (*) – I have to admit that I didn’t know this brand existed until I was sent an email offering a couple of samples to try. With a name like that, I was sold immediately, as I love anything Art Deco! My ignorance of the brand is due to the fact that only now they are launching in the UK, despite going for 3o years already in Germany! For this reason, Art Deco are offering a 30% discount on all sales from the website on their most emblematic products. You can find them not only on the website but also at Debenhams. I have tried the Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat (seeing that I love my nail polish, this is great) and the High Precision Liquid Liner (great for my and both work really well

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I’ve got India on my mind. #IndiaInColour

July 26, 2015

It’s on days like these – grey Sundays, that you sit at home listening to the rain fall on the roof (yes, wouldn’t think it’s the Summer, would you?) – that the mind wanders to other warmer and more colourful places, such as India. Haaa, India, you’ve been on my destination bucket list for a while. Maybe one day I’ll get to go, as I’ve forever been fascinated with the culture, religion and folk art. So much colour and beauty but also a place of contrasts. All in all, a place that is a feast for the eyes and the camera!

Joe Blogs couldn’t send me to India to make my dream come true but they did send me a box full of goodies that brought a little bit of India to my home that I put to good use today.

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Travel – Boca do Inferno, Fernando Pessoa and Aleister Crowley

July 24, 2015

You may be wondering what do all of the above have in common? For those who are not aware, Fernando Pessoa was a Portuguese poet, one of the main literary figures from the 20th century and one of the most important poets in the Portuguese language, quiçá one of the best in the world… He was born in 1888 and became well known for publishing work under what he called heteronyms, which reflected entirely different personalities and styles. One of my favourite poems of his is The Tobacco Shop and this poem is where I took a quote I have on my leg from, have a read if you have a bit of time.

Fernando Pessoa not only produced a huge amount of literary work but he was also a philosopher and had an interest in astrology and the occult. This led to a correspondence with the English magician Aleister Crowley, who is to this day more influential than we might think and yet still very controversial. So it happens that Crowley and Pessoa started corresponding and in 1930, after spending some time in Berlin, Crowley decided to head to Lisbon and, of course, meet up with his friend.

In Lisbon, Crowley decided to fake his own death and the perfect spot for this was the Boca do Inferno rock formation, which is in fact documented on a white marble plaque you can see at the site. I’ve been there a few times before and this time I thought it would be interesting to take some photos. Being the silly person that I am, I started imagining what could have happened if the situation had occurred in modern times.

What happened, then? Gary Lachman may be better known as one of the musicians in Blondie but he is also a well-known writer  (in certain circles, mainly mysticism and the occult, at least). He wrote in his essay “The Magical World of Fernando Pessoa” the following:

“In September 1930, Crowley arrived in Lisbon, with his current Scarlet Woman. The couple quarrelled and Crowley’s girlfriend left the country, leaving a deflated Great Beast behind. Crowley then enlisted Pessoa’s aid in faking a suicide. Leaving a forlorn lover’s note at the Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell) – a treacherous rock formation on the coast west of Lisbon – Crowley implied that he had taken his own life by leaping into the sea. Pessoa explained to the Lisbon papers the meaning of the various magical signs and symbols that adorned Crowley’s suicide note, and added the fact that he had actually seen Crowley’s ghost the following day. Crowley had in fact left Portugal via Spain, and enjoyed the reports of his death in the newspapers; he finally appeared weeks later at an exhibition of his paintings in Berlin. Given Pessoa’s frail ego, it was more than likely a blessing that his association with the Beast was brief.”

what you see inscribed on the stone s a short version of what I’ve just quoted above. How things went, seems pretty straightforward… someone fed false information to the newspapers, they ate it all up and published it as the truth. Nothing unusual that wouldn’t happen today. I thought it was amusing though, how this episode could have been further amplified, if social media was available at the time. Fernando Pessoa could have also tweeted about the matter: “Ermagherd! Al fell off the cliff! #SoSad”, complete with Instagram photo of the note sitting on a rock. The next day he could have posted a photoshopped pic of Crowley’s ghost on Facebook… and everyone would fall for it. the possibilities are nearly endless.

I’m pretty sure Fernando Pessoa wouldn’t behave like this on social media but it gave me a few giggles to imagine it.

Boca do Inferno  (Mouth of Hell) is located on the coastal road from Sintra to Cascais. Top tip: it’s relatively easy to get to but difficult to spot as there are not enough signs- you know where to turn from the main road but nothing marks the spot so you know when to stop. It’s very easy to keep driving and end up in Cascais without even realising it. When you see the cycle paths and areas along the road where you can safely park the car, just park it and walk along the sea and you’ll find it.


Summer Beach Party on a London Terrace – #turfandsurf with Debenhams

July 22, 2015

The Summer is currently in full swing, at least by the calendar as some of these days have been anything but summery. That’s London, I guess. To make us forget about the occasional greyness, Debenhams organised a beach party at their Head Office in the Warren Street area. I had never been there before and I have to say that the building is very impressive! After riding up on a glass elevator – something that’s always fun to do, no matter how old you are – We were directed to a terrace where we met a display of cool shoes by Call It Spring, colourful inflatable decorations,  manicures by Essie and a peek at what’s going to be available in the next season.

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London – ArtHome, a different kind of stARTup

July 20, 2015

ArtHome.London is a new concept, putting ART in the London startup scene (see what I did there?). Last week I visited their headquarters/gallery based in Bethnal Green in London and was well impressed with the project.And what is it, you might be asking?  ArtHome.London, as also mentioned on Wired Magazine, Tech City News and Mashable, brings a revolutionary concept to the London art market. Basically in the spirit of shared economy and making life easier for Londoners and their ever shrinking living spaces, this company offers a monthly subscription service for art you can hang on your wall. It’s that simple, you pay a monthly fee and you can change the painting in your living room as often as you want. Sometimes the simple ideas can be the best!

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