A trip down to London

November 30, 2012

Last Saturday I went down to London for the day.  I met with friends and did some shopping at H&M- got a few of the Margiela items at 75% discount. Now that was great and all thanks to my friend Fabio!

We started by having lunch at a nice chippy, the cod chips and the tartar sauce were delicious and the downstairs room is decorated in a tacky yet fun aquarium 90’s mural. You can see me here contemplating the future alongside the dolphins. haha! (Dress from Danity, via TK, Maxx btw.)

It was a very busy day, although not all went as planned. I went to the gallery on Beak Street to see Henry Grossman’s exhibition, only to find that it was closed. Apparently they didn’t have it ready when they should. Complaints have been made to the relevant people!

After the shopping at H&m in Knigthsbridge we decided to go to Harrods, just down the road. The window displays did not disappoint and this time there was a Disney Princess theme going, each window with its own princess and designer. I took some snapshots and there were a few more but these are the ones that look nicer in the photos.

Which one is your favourite? Mine are Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. I wish I could have taken nicer photos but the rain and the crowds made it a little difficult…

We also went to Ladurée for some macarons and tea. The one in Harrods was fairly full and the service wasn’t good. Although the employees looked at us several times no one bothered to tell us where we should queue for a table. At such an expensive place one would expect a bit more courtesy. So we left and went to the Covent Garden one, where we were much better served and people were nice and corteous. I didn’t take any photos though, as it’s not allowed. I guess they must have gotten fed up with people just standing around taking photos! It’s a shame really, because everything is very pretty. You can take a look at their website to have an idea, if you’ve never been.

Although some bits were disappointing and there was an annoying rain falling down all the time (which caused me to not get my camera out as much as I wanted), the day was good. It was good to spend the day with Fabio and partner, going to a Japanese pastry shop and fill our tummies and eyes with all the beautiful sweets in their gorgeous packaging. (I brought some home, I had to). Plans are being made for a return very soon!

I’m going to be away this weekend and I hope to come back with some more adventures. In the meantime, how do you like the new website? I’ve been having trouble setting up the comments facility, please bear with Jorge and I, we are working on it!

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    I always enjoy your trips to London, even if I stay home !

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