A Day in London

February 25, 2013

A not so very original title but quite self explanatory. Last Saturday I traveled down to London to see an exhibition that closed yesterday. I read about it on Miss Simmonds Says blog and thought I didn’t want to miss it. I wanted to go to the hairdresser for a trim but decided I should spend my hard earned cashola on the train fare to getting cultured. I’ll write about the exhibitions and the museum in a separate post as I (as always) took a gazillion photos to share with you guys.

After the exhibition I managed to drag Iain (my housemate) to Highgate, as I had read on Jennie’s blog Frocktasia that she would be there at a Vintage Jumble Sale at the Boogaloo. It was well worth it for me (probably not so much for Iain) as I got to meet Jennie in person and got some new old wares from her and other sellers. Jennie is as lovely in person as she appears on her blog and not only gave me a huge discount on the stuff I got from her but also a few freebies! How’s that for blogger love? We will definitely do some more stuff together in the future as we hit it off straight away!

Here we are, Jennie and I. Thank you Jennie for emailing me the photo!

London as seen from the top of a hill! That was a first for me.


After we left and as we were in the Highgate area we thought we’d try and visit the famous cemetery. A bunch of famous people (like, real ones who actually have historical importance like Karl Marx, for example) are buried there and it’s a very beautiful place. we got there and alas! It was closed and tickets need to be bought in advance. Next time I will know and do everything properly. At least now I know where it is. I did take a picture of the cemetery over the fence, from the adjacent park:

 I also made Iain take the outfit photos. The poor man will not venture out with me again, I’m sure!

Details: Superfuzz Big Muff – Ebay (I have it in black too); Ear Muffs – Peacock’s; Coat – H&M; Shoes – Dr Martens, both via Ebay; Bag and Socks – Target; Tights – Primark.

A prize to who recognizes the Superfuzz Mig Muff reference! Hint – it was the 90’s!

It was freezing but I had to show what I was wearing underneath my coat – the things I do for you guysssss!

Details: Collar – handmade by my friend Maud Van Den Broecke; Dress – the Sara dress c/o Mod Dolly; Angora Jumper – French Connection, via Ebay.

Isn’t the panda pattern gorgeous? Plus it’s not every day that one gets a dress named after oneself.

On our way back to the tube station I saw this faded Nuclear Energy No Thanks! How old can it be? 20? 30 years old?

And now, for the goodies I brought back. I got everything (but the last photo) from Jennie of Frocktasia. She has a lot more stuff in hershop, won’t you have a look?

A lovely navy hat, makes me feel like Madeline!

A soft red embellished jumper, just in time to see the Winter off.

 I can’t wait to wear this cravate! I also got a paisley bow from St Michael, still in its original packaging! I remember the paisley craze in the 90’s so I’m thinking it should be from around that time. Jennie also slipped an old Mickey Mouse postcard in my bag, so cute!

 This dress was a great find. It’s a bit too much, I know. It’s heavy and very red! But it is perfect for the next “We Style” post Andrea and I are preparing! Stay tuned!

And last but not least, what I’ve been looking for ages:

A petticoat! This actually is part of a skirt but it can be worn separately anyway. I got it from Parker’s Vintage, as they had a stall in the jumble sale on Saturday.

All in all it was a very full day! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the exhibition photos, they should come up sometime this week.

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