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November 11, 2014






As some of you may remember, I’ve been trying to change my lifestyle for some time, which culminated with acquiring a pair of running shoes a while ago. (Shocking, I know!) I have gone running a few times but noticed that some of the clothes I have been wearing wasn’t particularly adequate or that comfortable to do sports in. As I’ve never been very sporty, I never really bothered to look too much into it, besides a few pairs of seamless socks and the trainers. Recently I discovered the real need for a sports bra, because boobage. Yeah, I suppose that running while holding your boobs in place is not a good look, not to mention practical.

This is where come in. I was offered £90 credit to try the service and the prices on it are so good, I got myself a full kit: socks, compression leggings, gloves, sports bra, shorts and a long sleeve top, all from Nike. I have shown this to a few people that take running a lot more seriously and they agreed the promotions on the site are good and worth checking.

So, now that I have the full kit there really is no excuse to not go running. The garments are so comfortable, I might start wearing them on other occasions too – maybe when I decide to go all health goth!

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