The Importance of Distraction

December 9, 2014

Despite what they might have told you at school, getting a few moment’s break is a good thing and can in increase your productivity. The reason is because your brain can only remain concentrated on the one task for a limited amount of time. There’s even been a technique developed to increase productivity, by breaking your tasks into chunks of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. This is called the Pomodoro technique and has been gaining a lot of adepts everywhere. I like this way of working and since I added the extension ‘Animated Tabs’ to my Chrome browser, the breaks are now populated with cats and other random hypnotic animated gifs. I’ve been saving a few to my computer. I call that folder “Bad Day Materials” as it’s full of things that automatically make me smile when I look at them. 

I mean, what’s better than cat gifs?

More cat gifs, that’s what!

Or a prank gif?

This one makes me laugh!

There’s also cute gifs to go around and make you go aaaw… I tend to squeal, though.

Or mechanical parts moving. So, so satisfying.

Or just cars going around a track… so hypnotic!

If you like cars, there’s loads more here:

Click image to open interactive version (via GB Show Plates).

Are you distracted yet?

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