Saving Money is Hard Work!

December 14, 2014

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One of the things that have been on my mind lately is the need to save money. It’s great to spend money on oneself and go out but saving some cash for emergencies or that new camera I desperately need is also necessary. Living in London is great – all the things you have access to is amazing and you feel like you live at the centre of the world but that does come at a price, which means there isn’t a lot of spare cash at the end of the month.

A lot of the articles one sees around suggest things like stop buying that expensive Starbucks coffee every day or stop going on shopping sprees, to name a few suggestions. They are of course, extremely valid but the problem is, I don’t really do any of these things. I hate coffee and I know I can’t go on shopping sprees because I just can’t really afford them. I take the tube or the bus everywhere, I do my own nails as well as cut and dye my own hair. Where can one cut down without having to spend the whole time locked away at home? What other habits can I do away with to try and save a few more pennies?

I found this little widget the other day, that does help have an idea of how much your habits cost. Having the bigger picture is a little bit daunting. I do have the bad habit of not taking a packed lunch with me to work – mainly because I don’t always go home in the evening due to social commitments but it does motivate me to do it more often when I see the actual figures of how much those £5.00 per day amount to at the end of the month or the year. £150 per month and £1825.00 in a year is not something to snub – it would be enough for me to go on holiday, for example.

What habits have you cut down on to help you save money? I want to know!

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  • Reply PinkCheetahVintage December 14, 2014 at 23:41

    I think shopping and dining out are two of my biggest expenses! It’s hard to stick to a budget.

    • Reply Mrs. D December 16, 2014 at 09:40

      It really is 🙁

  • Reply Connie* December 15, 2014 at 01:09

    I don’t think I’ve paid full price for anything except food and sundries in the past year. I use coupons whenever I have them. If something is not marked down then I won’t let myself have it. I know. I’m tough on myself.

    • Reply Mrs. D December 16, 2014 at 09:40

      I tend to do the same myself… I’m starting to learn to use coupons, as well as taking advantage of promotions programmes. It is hard work 🙁

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