December Empties

January 6, 2015

As part of my decluttering efforts, I have decided to start doing an “Empties” post every month. It’s a good incentive to make the effort of using up all the stuff that ends up accumulating in my bathroom cabinet, plus having a pretty good idea of what the products are like. I frequently buy new things to try out and get samples all the time, so I thought I should write something about them.

This month I don’t have anything too fancy to be honest, but these are the products I finished off this time around:

Twisted Sista Hair Silicone – I bought this a while ago from Savers, it cost me little over a pound, as far as I can remember. Twisted Sista products are designed especially for afro hair but as my growing hair was getting so frizzy all the time, I figured anything was worth trying.

It did its job as I was using a little bit of it on the ends, to help with the usual dryness. They are also currently sulfate and paraben free, which is always a good thing. I’d buy it again, as it is good value for money, although one has to be careful as it makes the hair looks wet if you use too much.

Mess Head Dry Shampoo – I bought this a while ago as well, had it lying around for some time as never really needed dry shampoo. Now that my hair is long it has suddenly become something I use fairly regularly, so I finally finished this bottle. It’s a, let’s say, budget product but it does its job decently enough. The residue is easy to eliminate and the fragrance is not too bad.

Imperial Leather Softening Cream Bath – This is not really something you might be interested in hearing about but I thought I’d post it for the simple reason that I’ll use it to remind myself to NEVER buy Imperial Leather products ever again, regardless of what it says on the bottle. I suppose that now that I am a little bit older, my skin needs more hydration and this DOESN’T do it for me at all.

I usually use Dove products and similar, that are creamy and hydrating. I bought this at the local supermarket because they didn’t have any other option and I really needed something to shower with. Big mistake. Might as well have used regular soap, as the feeling of dry skin stretching would probably be the same. Never ever buying it again, the ‘cream’ on the bottle is merely a decorative word.

Dove Go Fresh Roll On Deodorant – One of those Dove products with cucumber that’s supposed to feel super fresh and crisp and things like that. I like these, they do their job and you can easily find them for just £1 in discount shops. But I would say that saying it last for 24 hours might be a little bit of a stretch, particularly on a hot day. It’s either a marketing ploy that has no base in reality or maybe I just stink, who knows.

Some-brand-I-forgot-the-name-of Body Lotion – I got this as a sample in one of those beauty subscription boxes. It’s got a citrusy and herbal scent that I liked and was quickly absorbed by the skin, not leaving too much grease behind. I threw away the bottle not realising I can’t see the name on the picture, and I can’t for the life of me remember it, so nevermind. I’ll have to remind myself to write names down before throwing the bottles in the recycling, the next time.

Andrew Barton The Frizz Tamer Leave In Conditioner – I mentioned earlier in this post about my battle against hair frizz (Will do a more detailed post about this soon) and I seem to have found a good combination of products that work for me. This hair conditioner is part of the dream team of items I’ve been using on my mane.

Priced at just over £4, it is an affordable way of treating your hair and protecting it. I always spray it on wet hair, just before blow drying it and it works like a charm. I was using a Schwarzkopf heat protecting spray before that I found dried my locks a bit too much and when I changed to this one, noticed a whole world of difference.

I would definitely buy again and I just did, realising that they’ve changed the colour of the line of products to a nice and pretty turquoise blue. So if you go looking for it, look for the bright blue bottles, not the golden brown.

Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo – I got this purse size sample from some goodie bag a while ago. After using the other one mentioned previously, I think the main difference to me was how fresher it felt. I have another sample to go through and will definitely be buying a new bottle of Batiste.

Have you tried any of these products? What would you recommend instead?

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  • Reply jesse.anne.o January 11, 2015 at 03:11

    I also use Batiste (and Klorane) and love them both. (They’re both vegan, too.)

    • Reply Mrs. D January 11, 2015 at 10:27

      That is good to know, thank you!

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