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Best of May 2015

May 31, 2015

Another month, another best of blog post, this time a lot shorter than last month. I did read a lot of lovely things but I think I may have gone a little bit overboard the last time. It’s been a good month – I’m getting a lot better both physically and mentally
and as a result, going out and enjoying the bits of sunshine we have been thrown at us, hence all the photos!

I would also note that I went to the Barbican Centre for an exhibition titled “Magnificent Obsessions”, about the artist as a collector. As always I went right at the end and unfortunately you won’t be able to see it as well if you missed it. I would just then say that I enjoyed it a lot, being an obsessive collector (in recovery, as I don’t have any room for those things anymore) and got to know a couple more artists I had no idea existed. My favourite of the lot was Dr Lakra, a Mexican artist/tattooist whose artwork magnificently mixes traditional tattoo themes with old graphics and evoques a feeling of creepy nostalgia. If this piques your curiosity, have a look at a few examples of his work I collected on Pinterest.

Next month promises to be even better, albeit maybe a little bit busy as I will be leaving the country twice for a couple of long weekends. Woop woop! I can say that I can’t hardly wait! I will write a bit more on that soon. For now, enjoy some good reading materials!

An NYC based novel, with news chapters being published frequently. How cool is that?

Who loves Pinterest? I know I do. Find out about their new features!

I see a lot of websites every day, but it’s a rare occasion that a company’s page really makes me want to work there. These guys managed to do just that.


Writing is a mentally difficult thing — it’s hard to know when something’s worth saying; it’s hard to be clear; it’s hard to arrange things in a way that will hold a reader’s attention; it’s hard to sound good; it’s even hard to know whether, when you change something, you’re making it better. It’s all so hard that it’s actually painful, the way a long run is painful. It’s a pain you dread but somehow enjoy.


Inspirational stories – how a teenager turned her hobby into a million dollar business. I wouldn’t mind doing the same – do you think anyone would like my little drawings?

These two crazies decided to date for 40 days and turn the experience into an exploration in feelings, art and an increase in their bank account. If only all relationships ended on a similar positive note.


It is not the mountains that we conquer, but ourselves. -Sir Edmund Hillary

How was your month of May? What was the favourite thing you’ve done?

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