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December 30, 2015

As I am happily in Germany and should be in Berlin by now, here are some of the photos I took the last time I visited for a couple of days. I didn’t use my camera in this occasion as I was very tired and needed a break – taking photos can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore and I didn’t want that to stand in the way of some rest and enjoyment of the city and the company I was in. I did take a few snaps with my phone, impressions and little things that caught my eye, that I thought should nonetheless be recorded and saved as a memory aid for later. I think they look nice enough to be shared on here, like an image notebook of passing things and moments.

Warning: this is an image heavy post.







Having a good time with the mans Solaris 100.

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It was getting a bit chilly but it was still sunny. We had a few awesome couple of days! (And I love my Morrissey jacket too).

My type of club…

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This shop had a different sign every day and it was quite entertaining… mostly things the ladies can relate to.

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I hadn’t seen these sour bubblegum candies since I was a kid back in Portugal. At least, I can’t remember… anyway, it’s funny to see how many things we have in common, having grown up around the same time but in different countries.

Karl Marx is always a common feature.


Sad doggie.

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“Drink Coke with your dream man”, Coca cola urges me.

How old am I, again? Still made me chuckle…

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“Thank you for the hot dogs”, the rubbish bin says. The reason I took a pic of that banana peel with the glove was because I found them like that as I exited one of the undergound stations. What better to take the piss out of modern art than to call it a ready-made installation?

We also saw this exhibition titled “Open Eyes”, celebrating 100 years of Leica cameras. It’s incredible how some of the most emblematic images of the 20th Century were shot with a Leica camera.


As I had been told just a week earlier that I couldn’t have any more tattoos on my left arm ever again for health reasons, I decided to have just one little thing done and just barged into the Loxodrom Tattoo studio.

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“Remainders from London” this shop was called. It was filled with some horrible rubbish stuff. Quite funny for someone who actually lives in London, though.

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I found a place where I ate this very Portuguese pastel de nata. It was great and made me very happy. Also, cats.

This one had to be included, for obvious reasons. Kowabunga!

Maneki Nekos are always cute anywhere I find them.

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Drinks at the “Blue Anchor”, a nice little pub right on the canal.

I always like anything that’s nautical. These are apparently falvoured sachets you can dilute in water.



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Pide- some delicious turkish pizza we ate around Kreuzberg.

These were taken a bit all over the place during the two days I spent there. I realise they won’t b much use if you need some information about where to find this or that but I hope that at least it was an enjoyable post, visually.

(All photos taken with my Galaxy S6 note and edited on Adobe Lightroom.)

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  • Reply Sophie December 30, 2015 at 10:19

    These photographs are wonderful. I love Berlin, it’s such an awesome place to visit and always amazes me.

    • Reply Mrs. D January 3, 2016 at 14:47

      Thank you so much. I am falling in love with it myself – expect a few more pics soon, from this last trip. I loved it!

  • Reply Claire December 30, 2015 at 14:07

    Great shots! I’d love to visit Berlin one day; I spent years living in the SW of Germany as a child, but never made it to the capital.

    • Reply Mrs. D January 3, 2016 at 14:47

      Thank you! You definitely should visit – it’s an amazing city, with a totally different vibe from London.

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