Blogging – Plans for 2016

January 6, 2016

We are well into the first week of the year now but as I have been busy travelling for the past two weeks, doing this kind of post right now will have to do.

2016 is a year when a lot of things will have to change, both in my life and the blog, but I’ll focus mostly on the blog on here – because also, who cares about personal stuff, right? I love my blog and I want it to be even better, both for me and anyone who actually bothers reading it. I am afraid that sometimes it can become a bit of a chore so to avoid getting into that pitfall, I decided I had to think about why I am doing it.


I wrote down a few ideas and bullet points of themes and ideas that I like about blogging and should be focusing on:

  • taking photos
  • learning photography/improving it
  • drawing
  • turning a potentially bland subject into something interesting
  • embroidery
  • art
  • writing
  • visiting new places / travel
  • satisfying my curiosity about the world in general and showing it through my point of view
  • putting outfits together
  • the creepy and the beautifully macabre
  • artists and other creative people
  • spirituality
  • tattoos
  • meeting interesting people and learning about them
  • learning about social media and marketing and the best ways of using it
  • attending fun events where I can learn something/ see interesting people
  • content curation
  • shoes
  • beauty and makeup
  • cats
  • comedy / humour

There could be a lot more but these are a good start. I will print this list out and stick it to my wall/ keep it in my notebook so next time I am planning content, I’ll have to ask myself “How does this fit into my list”?

So here it is. A list to keep me focused but not bored. A list to keep me focused on the things that I enjoy and that make my blog mine and not anyone else’s. There’s too much generic drivel out there already, at least I’ll be publishing my own personal drivel! (I jest, I try to make it as interesting for you as it is for me).

I would also like to know: as a reader, what would you like to see more of this year?

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  • Reply Emily Jayne January 6, 2016 at 21:43

    Happy New Year – love your list (and can never resist a post with multiple confetti shots!)

  • Reply Connie* January 6, 2016 at 23:27

    “the creepy and the beautifully macabre” Well I will definitely look forward to that! That’s what I love about you. You can be an adorable kitty and gothic admirer all at the same time. There really is too much generic drivel out there. I love the old fashioned blogs that were all warty and rustic yet honest and beautiful. Keep keepin’ it real. I know that you will. Much Love.

  • Reply Claire January 7, 2016 at 09:16

    You know me, I’m always vehemently pro cats (and inspiration). Love this list.

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