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Floppy hats and bell bottoms

April 14, 2014


I’ve always thought the 70’s got too much of a bad rep. Yeah, sometimes the home decors were a bit too brown and some clothes a bit over the top and in a bad way. I still don’t think we should throw away a whole decade because of a few faux pas. I mean, why do we think we are so stylish? I always wonder what our descendants will say about the see-through legging trend… I sincerely think it’s a lot worse than many of the 70’s styles. When I look at the Cholas by Irregular Choice (worn below), all I can think of is 70’s. Look at them and at the amazing shoe adverts below. Aren’t they amazing?


PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage


To what I believe was my workmates amusement and giggles, I wore this 70’s style ensemble to the office, complete with the I-can-barely-walk shoes. I still like the outfit though… Mind you that I had to keep the hat in place with my hand as the wind never stopped. I realized that is why I rarely wear it!

Details: Hat – H&M (also worn here), Shirt – Stradivarius, Furry vest – Primark (also worn here), Green Jumper – Zara, Cords – Vintage White Tab Levi’s, inherited from my great aunt, Bangles – Poundland (classy, I know), Bag – traditional “choukaras” bag from Morocco worn as a clutch, Shoes – “Cholas”, by Irregular Choice


There’s a funny story about this bag. When I went to Morocco I decided I wanted to try and find a bag just like the one I’d been playing with at my grandparent’s when I was a kid. It was a bag someone had brought back from Morocco for my Mum back in the 60’s but somehow I have no idea what happened to it. It didn’t take too long. One day as I was walking down the souk I found it and of course, I had to get it.


Yup, they’re real white tab Levi’s.

How about you? Do you like 70’s style?


Flashback Friday – Personal style from the vault…

January 24, 2014

Almost a year ago the company hosting my site had a problem with their servers- causing loss of data and the blog being down for weeks. For that reason I never got round to sharing all the photos I took in Belgium last year and it’s a shame not to. I did a roundup of all the outfits I wore that weekend so here they are. Better late then never. I think they’re cute enough not to be wasted. Do you agree?

Dress – H&M, (via Ebay), Shoes – Office, (via Ebay, now defunct), Thigh Highs – H&M, Jumper – French Connection (via Ebay), Necklace – Zara (borrowed from Ohlalali)

Leopard Ears Hat and Coat – H&M, both via Ebay, Scarf – El Corte Ingles, I’ve lost it in the meantime, Blue Gloves – present from my friend Linda in NYC (hello!), Muff – Ebay, Bag – Target

Dress, with heart pockets and back buttons – Nishe, Long sleeve top – Primark, Cardigan – Vintage, Leggings – Calzedonia, Shoes – Office, via Ebay. It’s also funny to see how much my hair has grown in almost a year – it’s down to my shoulders now!

Daria Dress – ASOS, Boots – Dr Martens, Shades – I don’t remember the name of the brand but I got them in TK Maxx. I call this look the Daria look because it’s just like the character.

Jumper – From Ebay, Skirt – from a second hand shop in Brussels. I had to put it on because it wouldn’t fit my suitcase haha. I love how it’s got little skiers all over it.

Which one is your favourite? This weekend will be a quiet one, and I need it. Hope you have a good one too!


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What the fox says

January 15, 2014

Just a quickie for today, as I’ve been poorly and in no condition to do any proper work. I hope you like these fun photos my friend Filipa took on one of our lunch breaks recently. Toodles!

Outfit details : Boots – Zara, Dress – from TK Maxx, Bag – Martin Margiella for H&M, Stockings – Peacock’s, Shirt – vintage, handmade by my late Great Aunt, Long sleeve top and cardigan – Primark, Hat – H&M (from my last trip to Lisbon), Glasses – Firmoo

In case you’ve been sleeping for the last few months and totally missed out where the post title comes from:


Italo Disco!

December 30, 2013

I made these a while ago but it was a shame not to publish them. The outfit was inspired by this 80’s music style, called italo disco. I love dancing to it and the videos are usually extremely amusing. I just love 80’s synth pop so it’s only fitting that I like these. Plus, I remember a lot of them from when I was a kid. this I’m sure also contributes.

What I wore: Dress -retro 80’s, via Frocktasia, Headband – Primark, Earrings – gift from Ariane, Tights – H&M, Shoes – Office, via Ebay.

Here are some Italo Disco songs,  for your enjoyment. Are you ready for NYE yet?


A little bit of history

December 16, 2013

One of the great things about buying antique and vintage clothes is to imagine the history behind the pieces. Unless we have something that belonged to a family member, sometimes it is difficult to know where it came from or who owned it. When I get that rare glimpse of it, it is a fantastic feeling. I ordered this beautiful 2nd World War American nurse cape off Ebay. I was extremely surprised when the receipt printout came with a handwritten note, that I felt was imbued with love. It reads:


Do hope you will enjoy my Great Aunt Maude’s cape. She was a fine lady and very dedicated to her profession.

Regards, Roberta”

That got me imagining what Maude looked like. How did she dress? What did she see during the war? If only our clothes could talk. All I can do is cherish it and wear it to my heart’s content.

Details: Cape – Vintage American Nurse cape from Ebay, Dress – 70’s vintage, from Vintage Basement in London, Boots – Rocket Dog (via TK Maxx), Cardigan – H&M, Peace Belt – Primark, Head Scarf– Moschino (via TK Maxx).

I’m joining Patti’s Visible Monday, as it has become a habit.