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L’Erbolario – London Launch

January 2, 2015


Around a week before Christmas, I attended the launch of a new beauty brand here in London, more specifically in Islington. The L’Erbolario shop over at 106A Upper Street, is the first in the UK for this well established Italian brand. It is still a fairly unknown name here in England but ask anyone from Italy and they will tell you. That’s what I did and yes, even a guy developer knew about them!

From the press release:

“L’Erbolario was founded in 1978 in Lodi, Italy by husband and wife team, Franco Bergamaschi and Daniela Villa. Their passion for the healing properties of plants and flowers led them to create an extensive range of perfumes, oils, soaps, creams and conditioners for use in body and skincare and in the home. Extracts used include rose, lavender, honeysuckle, white tea and moss.

All raw materials used by L’Erbolario are freshly pressed vegetable oils, flower waters and herbs distilled drop by drop all over the world and juices extracted with craftsmanlike patience. All products combine the best of traditional herbalist methods with the most advanced cosmetics research whilst meeting ethically acceptable standards.”

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I was extremely well impressed with the quality of the products that I tried on the night and how delicious it all smelled. There are over 600 different products at the shop – with a large variety of scents and for all ages too. Baby products, stretch mark cream for pregnant ladies, makeup, scented candles, shaving foam for gentlemen among many other things, can be found in the shop – a one stop shop for the whole family! The makeup line is small but great for basics and it’s paraben free, which is always a good thing.

One of my favourite scents was the Arancio, with a soft aroma of orange, but not too sweet. That is one thing I noticed with L’Erbolario products, although most of the scents will be of fruits or herbs (or a combination), it never smelled sickly sweet or artificial. It all felt very natural and definitely made me want to bring all of them home with me.


Another thing that pleased me immensely was the packaging, which is one detail that I always pay attention to, being a doodler myself. All the illustrations on the boxes and labels are gorgeous and some of them seem like they’ve just come out of a botanical book. I particularly liked the clever detail on the henna boxes above: how cool is that?




As L’Erbolario is an Italian brand, of course we had to have some Italian style nibbles, with a glass of prosecco!


We were given an amazing goodie bag, full of products that I can’t wait to start using. I will definitely keep you posted on those. All in all it was a great event, we were shown around the lines and asked to try everything. I had to give the hand massage a miss in the end as it was getting late, but we had a great time nonetheless.

If you can’t make it to the London shop, you can always check the product range online. You won’t regret it!

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    I’m just nuts for luxurious things like these. Lovely pictures. And Islington. One of my favorite neighborhoods!

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