Failed plans – ending up in East London

January 25, 2015

Yesterday going to an Instagram meetup with Ryan, Raffe and Michel was part of the plans for the day, after my visit to the salon (more on that during the week). When that fell through, I thought I’d take Michel to Brick Lane and Shoreditch, as he hadn’t been there yet. We walked around for a bit, took a few photos, rummaged through a couple of the vintage shops and ended up getting drunk on cocktails at the Brick Lounge’s happy hour – 2 cocktails for a tenner until 9pm, hello?


We didn’t take as many photos as we would like to – it’s still very cold and the light goes out all too quickly. After filling our tummies at one of the bagel shops (they call them beigels I don’t know why), went walking round looking for another bar to go to. Ended up at the Old Blue Last, Vice Magazine’s haunt. Had some pale ale and it was OK. Managed to get home at a good time and was in bed by 11pm – result! Today and after sleeping like a baby, I thought I’d share yesterday’s photos with you all. Happy Sunday!

This little guy started barking at me because I took his picture, the silly sausage!

I saw all this people queueing and was wondering if someone was giving out money. Turns out they were all waiting in line in the cold for the privilege of eating overpriced breakfast cereal at the Cereal Killer cafe. It takes all sorts, I guess.







Good Juju?


Photo buddy Michel!




Yesterday was a no makeup day. In case you want to know, I’m wearing an Edina Ronay coat (from tK Maxx), Orla Kiely bag, Clarks shoes, Oscar de la Renta scarf, H&M dress, cashmere cardigan found in a charity shop in Stamford, red socks I don’t know from where and an Orla Kiely for Uniqlo top.


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  • Reply Jasiminne Yip January 25, 2015 at 19:44

    The queue outside the cereal cafe reminds me just why I have such a love-hate relationship with Shoreditch!

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Reply Mrs. D January 25, 2015 at 20:47

      I know! I don’t like queueing for anything… and queueing for cereal seems a bit silly – it’s more of a fad than anything else.

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