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An App to Discover Street Art in London

September 2, 2015

London may be home to numerous iconic landmarks and world-class performing art theatres, but it’s also known to have one of the largest and most diverse collections of unauthorised urban art. From the politically driven works of Banksy to the contemporary street art of many unknown artists, the capital has got plenty of free art for everyone to enjoy as well as see a different side of London’s culture. If you’ve been watching this space for long enough, you will know that it’s one of my favourite things to look at, but I’m not really an expert but would love to know more about the artitsts themselves.


According to, some of the best places to check out for street art are in North London, where you’ll find large scale Irony & Boe sculptures of animals and birds, but it’s in Shoreditch, in the East End, where you can take an alternative tour to discover the latest artworks from the most talented urban artists. With street art changing on a daily basis, it’s difficult to keep up with which piece can be found where, and eye-catching street works can be found in loads of other places other than Shoreditch and North London.


The quickest way to learn about all the urban artwork in the capital is by utilising your smartphone. As the world approaches two billion smartphone users, which only took about three years to nearly double in size (as stated by the managers of Spin Genie in a recent blog post), the global community bridges more connections with each other through mobile everyday. Because of the unexpected manifestations of street art, the best way we can stay in-the-know is by sharing our discoveries through a smartphone app, so that art lovers the world over get to appreciate some stunning art.


In collaboration with Geo Street Art, has launched an app that catalogues all the known urban artworks located across the capital. Curated by experts in the area, it’s updated often to be as currently relevant and useful for users. Here are some of the app’s features:
– Latest street art displayed on home feed
– Map with hundreds of street art locations, that can be filtered by artist
– GPS tracker to help with your search
– Street Art London news updates
– Pieces are easily shareable via social media


The app is available in the App Store for under £1 and it’s definitely a must for anyone wanting to explore the London street art scene.

*This post has been made possible by Street Art London

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  • Reply Hannah September 8, 2015 at 10:38

    How amazing!! This is pretty much my dream app – I love finding street art and London has such a rich street art scene!
    Hannah xx

    • Reply Mrs. D September 15, 2015 at 20:04

      It’s great! London is an amazing place for street art hunting and I love doing that as often as I can.

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