Surprise me, please! #wowme32red

November 25, 2015

When you get asked “would you like to receive a surprise in the post?”, what would you say? Probably what I said – yes! I love getting little parcels in the post and even better when someone actually picks a couple of personalised gifts, just for you. That’s what my friends over at Joe Blogs proposed, as part of a campaign with 32 Red. Do you want to see what was in the package? Just take a look after the jump!


When I went back to the office the other week and had the little package waiting for me I actually had to stop myself from ripping the paper and looking in straight away – I wanted to take pictures of it! I did that and you can see how well they know me – all of my pressies were Crazy Cat Lady appropriate and have my absolute stamp of approval!


A home is not complete without a cat on a bike print… nor there is such a thing as too much cat themed jewelry!


Thank you Joe Blogs and 32 Red for these cuties! they surely brought a smile to my face, something that is never enough during these trying times.

PS: in case there is any doubt, the items in this post have been gifted.

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