Tickled Pink fancy dress challenge

December 2, 2015

I love fancy dress parties and it’s my opinion that I don’t go to enough of them. However, if any opportunity presents to dress in a fun way, I tend to grab it. Tickled Pink put out a fancy dress styling challenge and I obviously had to take it! As it’s time to get all Christmas-y, I picked a Crimbo themed outfit. Or is it?


I picked the Miss Santa dress from the Christmas section, because it’s ridiculously cute with the mini cape. It also comes with a Santa hat but I didn’t wear it for the photos as I had other ideas.



Basically I thought it would be fun to pick up on a darker theme, a little bit Ghost of Christmas Past, another bit of Nightmare Before Christmas, all jumbled up in one costume. Just because I like Halloween and I didn’t take any photos this year.


This has been a fun exercise and I like how the photos came out, they almost look like film.

The challenge was a lot of fun as it just goes to show that even if you are doing fancy dress, you can still take a shop bought costume and make it yours. It was also funny to go out on the street wearing something completely silly and watch people’s reactions. Kids smiled, adults looked over while driving, instead of looking at the road. Luckily no accidents were caused.


The rest of the outfit was mainly stuff I already owned: The black cape came from Ebay, the Black flowers from H&M and the skeleton tights most likely from Ebay as well. I do not remember, I am afraid.


How do you like it? Next year I’d like to style the Christmas Tree costume.

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PS: Thank you to the ever amazing Solaris100 for his assistance on the day – without his help, these photos would never have been possible. If you don’t like them, feel free to send hate mail. Ha!

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