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Style – Weekend in Cologne

December 17, 2019
Femme luxe cropped

It’s been a while since the last time that I have done a style post on here, so here it goes. I received an email from Femme Luxe recently, requesting collaboration and offering me four outfits of my choice. I thought to myself, “I do miss a bit of blogging and four outfits would really come in handy for the trip to Cologne”, so I said yes. The thing is, I hate packing and I hate planning outfits in advance so I thought this would actually be a perfect idea to resolve that problem.

I went on their website and managed to find a few things that did fit my current style. They have a great variety of things, such as the Bodycon Dress that I got. I was also trying to find a Jumpsuit or a Body Suit but unfortunately, I couldn’t find something in my current size. I’ll have to keep looking, as some of them were pretty cool!

So back to the trip and the outfits: I planned to strip to come and visit my friends in Cologne, plus participate in a group show featuring a few select urban artists. Basically a two for one situation! I needed a nice dress (not too nice, it’s an urban art exhibition, not a hoity-toity gallery, after all) and I found the perfect one:

Femme Luxe 03

I’ll have to admit that it wasn’t easy to squeeze into it but with the help of Spanx, I managed, haha. Forgive my dorky face but I was quite happy that evening, met lots of people and put faces to a lot of Instagram names! Plus my friend Swenja (who I was staying with) did my hair. Doesn’t happen every day and it was super fun! You also get to see the skateboard I created for this show – I know I am biased but I am not the only one to say that it looks even better in person as you can see the glitter that I added to some of the areas.

The second outfit I picked was a lounging set. I figured that considering that some of the plans for the visit would be to go pasting, I needed something that was practical. So here’s what I picked:

Femme Luxe 02


Outfit Description:

Black Short sleeve loungewear set– Femme Luxe

Pink Boots – Dr Martens

Mustard Yellow Rollneck Top – eBay

Checkered Over thing – Some pop-up store up in Brick Lane, near Rough Trade Records a few years ago

Black Beanie Hat – H&M

That day I went pasting in the Ehrenfeld area, with Planet Selfie and 8armstohug and we had a lot of fun until someone decided to threaten to call the police on us and ruined the mood. Ha well, it’s what you get for being a paste-up artist, I suppose. As I have moved all of my photos to my laptop which has since died on me, I am unable to post some more photos of the area. Hopefully, I will be able to get them back at some point, but just not in time for this post, unfortunately.

On the third day, we stayed home most of the day, except for a quick local paste-up mission in Opladen and meeting with friends in the evening for drinks in Cologne. I am afraid I didn’t get to see much of Cologne, as most of the time was spent hanging out with friends, making food and eating it plus rummaging through the local charity shop (where I found a wonderful 70’s dress). So this is what I wore on that day:

Femme Luxe 01

Outfit Description:

Oversized Khaki T-shirt Dress– Femme Luxe

Pink Boots – Dr Martens

Black Rollneck Top – Primark

Black Beanie Hat – H&M

Onwards to the forth and final outfit, on the last day. I have to note that it was raining so much and so badly that we decided to stay in and take the photos in the living room instead, plus try on a pair of my friend’s shoes for a slightly different look, haha.

Femme Luxe 04

Outfit Description:

Black loungewear set– Femme Luxe (yes, a different one, this one has a ribbed texture to it)

Patterned Rollneck Top – Orla Kiely for Uniqlo

Black Beanie Hat – H&M

High Heel Boots – from my friend, I can’t remember the name of the brand.

I have to say that it was also really cold and we froze our asses off, so not very inviting to go out and be a tourist (not to mention that my chronic fatigue requires me to have to take things nice and slowly). At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, as we had a great time and the main goal of the visit was to spend time with friends.

As for the Femme Luxe outfits, they served their purpose well, I like some of their designs but I would caution that even though I ordered the 12-14 size (my current size), some of them felt a bit on the small side.

PS: the Femme Luxe outfits were gifted and my opinions are my own.

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