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Happy Mother’s Day

March 4, 2016



What to write in a Mother’s Day card? That is a question that is harder to answer than one would think. When I was asked what would be the personalised message that I wanted on my bouquet, I had to stop and think. I’m not a Mother and my Mother isn’t around anymore either. (It’s been what, 10 years? 15? It’s all a blur and I can’t memorise dates anyway).

That said, I still think that Mother’s Day is a day to be celebrated – if only, in my case, the memory of my own Mother. Other women should be celebrated too – I have friends who are amazing Mothers to their children – but also the women who are great friends and have been almost like Mothers to me in these last few difficult months. Holding my hand, cooking for me, making me laugh, lending a shoulder to cry on and taking me to the hospital. You see, motherhood is not just for Mothers… Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

PS: Daisy Daisy 9 succulents in a tin has been graciously gifted by and are now living in my kitchen. Words and opinions are my own, as always.


My Cancer Story, So Far.

January 27, 2016

Today I thought I should write about something that a few people might already know about me. Late September last year, I had a routine check at the doctor’s and had some of the worst news one can be told about their health: I had breast cancer.

Let me just say straight away that it hasn’t been easy. It’s never easy to be told that you have something going on inside your body that might slowly kill you. Puts everything into perspective in your life. Some three months down the line, it’s still a difficult concept to handle and I have emotional crisis occasionally. Who wouldn’t?

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#gamesonthebgo Murder Mystery evening

December 15, 2015

The other week I was invited to another fun event organised by Joe Blogs – a Murder Mystery night, with BGO (a gaming and entertainment company). I was very curious as I had never done anything like that before and I do spend a lot of time watching true crime shows as well as detective shows.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for me as I got lost on the way to the venue,  The Somers Town Coffee House in Euston and ended up arriving later than I was supposed to, not to mention a bit stressed. Thanks Google Maps! For that reason, I wasn’t a great help to my teammates in helping to figure out who the killer was, through solving a series of puzzles and exercising the art of deduction. In the end, we almost got it but if the poisoned bottles really had poison in them, we really would’ve died a horrible death.

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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

December 13, 2015
Christmas collage text

I’ve been meaning to have done this post for at least a week now, but I suppose that it’s always better late than never!

Read on for a few quirky gift ideas you can get your friends or family, only interesting and cute ideas, I promise!
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Surprise me, please! #wowme32red

November 25, 2015

When you get asked “would you like to receive a surprise in the post?”, what would you say? Probably what I said – yes! I love getting little parcels in the post and even better when someone actually picks a couple of personalised gifts, just for you. That’s what my friends over at Joe Blogs proposed, as part of a campaign with 32 Red. Do you want to see what was in the package? Just take a look after the jump!


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