Ozeri Pedometer Review

October 28, 2014


On my constant struggle to try and get motivated to stay fit, I have recently started running in the mornings before work, every now and then.
As this is something very difficult for me (I’ve said it before, I am not a morning person), every bit of motivation is welcome. To do this, tracking any sort of progress is important.
I usually have a pedometer on my phone where I track how many miles I walk every day but as you may well imagine, running with a huge phone is not very practical. So, when I was offered to review the Ozeri Pocket Pedometer and Activity Tracker, I said “Yes, please”.

The pedometer comes with a strap that you can hang around your neck and I suppose you can also wear it on an arm strap, if you have one. I have only worn it around my neck, under my shirt. The instructions are fairly easy to follow and you can program it with date, height and weight, and it keeps records for up to 7 days, of how long you’ve walked, the distance and calories burned.

I’ve also taken it with me on my trip to Mallorca, to measure how much walking I was doing (that’s where the picture was taken). As the pedometer doesn’t have an on and off button (it goes to sleep automatically after 30 seconds of no movement) I noticed it was still measuring some kind of movement when we were in the car and for that reason, the measurements done on that day were inaccurate. I think this is a problem, if you drive somewhere for a hike or a run. If you’re just going around your home for some exercise, the pedometer works perfectly fine and I will continue to use it.

Have you tried any sort of pedometer when running? What are for you the main advantages of doing so?

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